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Think through life's big questions and explore the Christian faith. All views welcome and respected. A safe place to ask any question. You won't be asked to pray or read. No previous knowledge needed. Each week those taking part can read, watch or listen to a short section from Mark's account of Jesus in the Bible.

We offer Life Explored two or three times each year, usually seven sessions on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, 7.45pm to 9.15pm, but if you let us know when you are available we can take that into account when we plan the next course. If there is no group that works for you, a team member will be happy to meet up with you a few times to go through the booklet or give you a DVD to watch.

If you would like to be told when the next course starts please contact us and we'll email you the details.

Life Explored course booklet f 

Course booklet (to download session outlines and details of what to read)
Mark's gospel front cover
Mark's gospel (to read online)
YouTube Mark's gospel (to watch or listen online)