Staying safe 

Churches have a good safety record and are an essential activity permitted during lockdown. Spiritual and eternal wellbeing matters at least as much as physical health and meeting together is a key part of Christian faith. Here are 5 ways we keep you safe: 

  • Social distance – sitting with people that we live with, 2m from others, without mingling.
  • Clean hands – bring own hand sanitiser for arrival and departure (sink also available).
  • Clean surfaces – alcohol wipes or spray everything touched in the last 48 hours.
  • Fresh air – good ventilation, no live singing, large space with high ceiling, face coverings. 
  • Staying home– reminded to stay at home if at all unwell, or after contact with virus.   

Covid layout
Before each event we:

  • Remove, replace or clean surfaces that have been touched (chairs, taps, handles, equipment). 
  • Measure and mark out queues and chairs to keep 2 metre apart.
  • Open doors & set up, so others don't touch handles or switches.
  • Open enough windows & doors for good ventilation, with heating adjusted.
  • Plan smaller events & services to keep numbers low. 
  • Remind everyone to stay at home if they or a recent contact are at all unwell.

At each event we:

  • Sit with our own household/bubble, parents supervising & plenty to keep children occupied.
  • Listen to recordings rather than live singing, with words on screen rather than church Bibles.
  • Leave at the end rather than staying to chat. You could invite someone for a walk instead.
  • Use hand sanitiser before & after entering toilets (as well as normal hand washing).
  • Announce safety reminders, for example about one way for toilets and not stopping to chat.
  • Keep a register for 3 weeks and request contact details to help NHS test and trace.
  • Wear face coverings, except under 11s or others who are not able, or when speaking at the front. 

For more detail, follow the link to our full ‘risk assessment for services & church groups during COVID-19’. This follows and applies Public Health England guidance for churches and for out-of-school children & youth work.