Home groups

Most church members belong to a small group of believers who they are beginning to get to know. Each group talks through the Sunday Bible readings to apply them to every day life. Groups pray, support and help each other to live the Christian life and share the good news with others.

Home groups meet on most Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at about 8.00pm.  We want to make every effort to continue to meet with each other in our Home Groups at the same time each week.  This gives us an opportunity to encourage each other to keep on trusting in the Lord Jesus (Hebrews 10:24-25) which we believe is essential.

Our groups will continue to meet but this will mean meeting online.  Here is some guidance on using Zoom, for meeting online. Please do ask if you need help with doing this.

We will continue to meet as a church family once a month for
church prayer meetings.  Information about how we will do this online will be available soon.  These are our first priority because prayer is the most powerful and important thing we can do. 

Please contact us to try a group.