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Why give?
Believers give because they want to and not because they have to, in thanks to God for his provision and for Jesus.  So please don't feel obliged to give.  No-one will know, except a few who do the finance administration.  You may want to read 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 and pray about it.

How give?
Monthly bank donations provide a predictable income so we can budget and pay wages.  A standing order or one-off donation can be made using online banking.  Our details are:

St Matthew's PCC
sort code 08-92-99
account number 65255667

One-off donations can also be made via a card reader available in the church building.  Cash or cheques, payable to 'St Matthew's PCC' can be posted into the safe near the church entrance in a church envelope.  Children can put coins in each week.  

In planning our legacy we should pray for God’s guidance. We all have different priorities for family, friends and good causes that we might be able to help when we die.  If you think that it might be appropriate to include St Matthew's Church as one of the beneficiaries of your estate please do so when writing your will. If you would like to discuss this in confidence, please contact our treasurer via the church office.

How is it spent?
We employ staff to pray for and equip believers from the scriptures, helping us to grow in our faith, to serve other, and to share the good news of Jesus.  We also support "mission partners" elsewhere and pay for our buildings and events.

What if I pay tax?
The church can receive more than you give, by claiming back some of the tax you pay at no extra cost to you.  Please read the Gift Aid declaration sign and return to the church office if it applies, making sure all your gifts have your name on them (on the envelope, cheque, bank form or online). 


Helen Wilson, 28/05/2020