Students at St Matthew's

Student group cropped

Our student group is a mix of people studying at Anglia Ruskin University, sixth form colleges and other local courses and apprenticeships.

We're small enough that you can get to know everyone so you will soon feel at home. When covid restrictions allow, we meet in the church building at 6pm. You can stay on after 5pm church or turn up at 6pm for free takeaway, a chance to meet people at a safe distance in a safe place, and ask questions. We look at how the Bible applies to student life, for example using our time, big decisions, friendship, or relationships.
When we can't meet in person, we meet on Zoom at 6.30pm.

Students are also very welcome to join a mid-week young adults Bible group at Roots. Each year we go away for a weekend, to a house by the sea, looking at a Bible book or topic together as well as getting to know each other better (the picture above is from our last one).

Students at church are really welcome to get involved in a way that works for you, whether that is in the music team, with children or youth, sound and technology, or tea and coffee. The church family are here to help if you need us, especially if you are feeling low or just want a break from student life.

If you're coming to Cambridge or have just arrived, we'd love to take you out for a coffee and welcome you to Cambridge. Click here to get in touch and let us know.