Meet the team 

Every believer has a part to play. Our staff and leaders "equip" rather than replace church members. (Ephesians 4v12). We'd love to hear from you. Click here to contact us.

    Hugh Cornes
Tabitha Appleyard (treasurer)   Hugh Cornes (youth & student worker)
Email Tabs here.   Hugh grew up in Sussex with four older sisters. He loves any sport going, crosswords and the occasional rap.  He studied history in Durham but probably can't help you with dates in a quiz round.  Email Hugh here.

Jonathan Davies   Jooch Lloyd
Jon Davies (leadership team)   Jooch Lloyd (leadership team)
Jon is a software engineer with a PhD in computer science from Cambridge. He enjoys learning languages, Formula 1 and Southampton FC. He is married to Tessa and has two young children.   Jooch is married to Peter and mummy to three children. She loves talking about Jesus, reading the Bible and singing with them. She enjoys crafts, sewing, board games and the seaside.

01Claire   02Frank
Claire Mason (women & children's worker)   Frank Price (vicar)
Claire left a career in dentistry to share Jesus with children in the Wirral and later Sevenoaks. She enjoys going for a run with friends. Email Claire here.   Frank joined us after serving St Andrew the Great and Holy Trinity Hinckley. He worked in medical law and plays guitar. He and Katherine have three teenage daughters. Email Frank here.


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Sujit Sivasundaram (leadership team)   Thomas Simpson (ministry trainee)
Sujit is a professor of world history at Cambridge University. He preaches and leads discussion groups at church and enjoys spending time with his wife Caroline and three children.   Thomas graduated in writing and film studies from Anglia Ruskin University and joined our team to learn about Christian work and help at church. He supports Port Vale because somebody has to. Email Thomas here.

Tom Simpson   03Helen
Tom Simpson (associate vicar)   Helen Wilson (administrator)
Tom grew up in Hampshire but has spent most of his adult life in Devon, having lived in Exeter and been a minister at 3 churches in North Devon. He is married to Gemma and they have 3 children. He loves playing music and anything that gets him outside, particularly cycling.  Email Tom here.   Helen enjoys the mixture of people and paper that administrative life brings. She enjoys baking, listening to cricket & flying her kite. Go well! Email Helen here.