Online Resources 

Having resources available online is a great blessing, but it can be hard to know where to look if we've got particular questions or areas we want to explore. We've gathered some of our favourites together here, so you can browse and find whatever is most relevant. Please click the link to get started with each section:

Exploring Christianity

At a time like this, people of all faiths and none are asking big questions about life, death and suffering. Christians believe Jesus and the Bible are the key. Click here to see some recommendations for finding out more. 

Digging deeper

All Christians are encouraged to grow and deepen their faith. Reading the Bible and prayer are the key, and here are some resources to help us with that and living for Jesus more generally. 

Children and Youth

There are lots of wonderful resources to help children and young people to engage with Christianity. We've found these sites and resources really helpful. 


Good Christian books are so helpful for learning and growing in faith. Click here for some publishers and stores we think are great. 

Good music is a great way to encourage ourselves as we listen to gospel truths in a way that reaches our hearts as well as our heads. Click here for some recommendations.